Thursday, October 4, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 3, Part 2

Journal Entry, Reaction to Running With Scissors

So far I have enjoyed this book very much, although some content may be slightly disturbing. Ok, really disturbing, but for some reason I cannot put this book down. It surprises me that although Augusten Burroughs may have very little education, he still is a very talented writer. There has yet to be a dull chapter, or rather, dull moment.
I am very fond of most of the characters in the memoir, especially the Finch family. I look up to them because of how accepting they are. To them, differences don't matter. Rather than skin deep, the Finch's look for morals and views. I personally do not agree with some of their morals or views, but it is comforting to read that at least Burroughs got to live his complicated life with people who understand.

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