Sunday, September 23, 2007

This I Believe Homework Assignment

1. A link to the essay:
Lisa Sandin's, "This I Believe," Essay

2. Author:
Lisa Sandin

3. Title:
I Am Not My Body

4. One sentence of what the belief is:
Lisa Sandin believes that she is more than her body -- and more than her birth defect.

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief:
"Some people think I am my body and treat my with prejudice or pity... It took years, but I have learned to ignore the stares and just smile back."

"I was taught to respect my body, but to remember that is was only a vehicle that carried the important things: my brain and soul."

6. 1 favorite passage:
My favorite quote from Lisa Sandin's, "This I Believe," paper is the last line when she says, "This I believe: I am your fellow being and, like you, I am so much more than a body."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

9/5/07 First Blog Post

a) The thing I am most anxious or excited about at Edina High School is if there will be increased amount of freedom and flexibility. That's what I'm most nervous about because everything in Valley View Middle School from my perspective was so controlled! Hall monitors were at every corner, always expecting some student to do something terrible. Whenever they would question me about were I was going, what class I was in at the time, or if I had a pass to pee or not, I would always find myself getting increasingly angry with the system. Why don't teachers trust us? Sure, some kids will start a little fight, maybe pick on a smaller kid, or write graffiti on the bathroom stalls with their pencils, but what percentage of the school does that? Most of the people I know don't like to fist fight, so is all of that security really necessary?
I find it very hard to believe why middle school teachers are so confused as to why their classes tend to be so loud and rambunctious. Well, they've taken away our recess, tell us to be quiet in the hallways, and to "settle down" during lunch time. I don't know a whole lot of teenagers that can be silent and only speak when spoken to for around seven hours. In my opinion the solution to quieter classrooms is relaxed rules. More outside than inside classroom, but even that would be a big change for middle school. If you'll be relaxed with us, we'll be relaxed with you.
Also good attitudes. Come on teachers, please don't tell us that you don't want to teach. You don't have to punish us because of your poor choice in a career, or because you're tired that day, or even because you plainly dislike our personalities. We really don't want to hear it. No offense or anything, I'm sure you have very difficult lives, but I still stand by us not wanting to hear the negativity. Teaching and learning is a two way street, so be positive with us and we'll be positive with you.

Personal goals that are set for school are usually just high grades, but because I cannot think of another goal that I would really enjoy reaching, I'm going to have to stick with setting the goal of receiving mostly A's on my report card.