Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 3, Part 1

1) Summarization:
In this section of Running With Scissors, Augusten explains much about his older brother Troy. He had always been very fond of his brother, even though they are extremely different in personality. While Augusten may have been polishing mood rings, Troy was busy designing guitars, or following a caboose on a train. They do scare the same opinion that their mother is crazy, but other than that they are worlds apart. Augusten explains that he probably got most of his mother’s genes, in being creative and an “outside of the box” thinker. Troy got most of this fathers, mostly expressionless, and enjoys being alone.
This section however mostly focuses on Augusten and Neil Bookman’s now sexual relationship. It is more sexual than anything else. Augusten does not believe in their relationship outside of the bedroom. Neil becomes very attached to Augusten, it is almost obsessive. Neil says that he would kill himself if Augusten ever left him. This is a major turn off for Augusten. He tries to create distance by being verbally abusive to Neil, but is appears that he may enjoying it instead of capturing the black and white message Augusten is trying to give him.
The ending of this section closes with a faked suicide and a cathedral ceiling in the kitchen. Augusten explains to Dr. Finch that he can no longer go to school. He hates everyone there and explains that he will never fit in. The doctor and his mother help him in faking suicide, and then tell the school that he will have to remain under the doctor’s supervision for a matter of months. The school eventually stops calling, and Augusten feels free. Finally, Auguaten and Natalie agree that the ceiling in the kitchen has to go because of how low it is. The tear it apart, and built their own cathedral-type ceiling with a sun roof. Everyone in the house doesn’t seem surprised at all, and continues on with their daily lives. No one questions them, and hardly comments on their project. When they are finished however, Anges complains on the constant leaking. Everyone else is happy with the new light coming into the kitchen.

2) Research/Biography: Author of Running With Scissors
Image found: at this website.
All information found: at this website.

Augusten Burroughs, born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was raised in western Massachusetts. He presently lives with his partner Dennis in New York City and also in western Massachusettes.

Besides Running With Scissors: A Memoir, Burroughs has also written
Magical Thinking: True Stories, Dry: A Memoir, and Sellevision, a novel. Two of which are major motion pictures. Much of his writing has also appeared in newspapers and magazines all around the globe.

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