Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside Reading: Final, Part 1

Final Summarization:
In the very last section of the book, Augusten is mortified and feels humiliated because he wrote a gay note to a straight stranger that he met at a gas station. He fears that the stranger and his friends are going to make a lot of crank calls to his mother's apartment and nothing good will result from this. The middle of this section is the good times that Natalie and Augusten have. They go whale watching, eat lobster, stay in a hotel, trashes the hotel when Natalie finds out that the maid stole her earrings, and just enjoy being friends. Towards the end Augusten's mom comes to meet him and tells him the truth about everything. Her "eyes are not wild" and for the first time in a long time he believes everything she says. She tells him that she had been raped by Dr. Finch, and realizes that he had completely take advantage of not only her, but her money and what little family she had. Then Augusten ran away from the Finch's home without telling Natalie or anyone else where he was. Then he decides to leave, he calls Natalie and invites her to come with, but she can't leave her family. Despite this, he knows that he has to leave, and does anyway. He had such a great friendship with Natalie, and he threw it away because of what he believes. This really amazes me, and this is why I really enjoyed this book. Augusten had been through so much, but still has the presence of mind to know what he believes in, and stick to it.
The very ending of this book was probably my favorite part. It tells what everyone is/was doing close to before the book was published. I noticed that Augusten, his brother, and Natalie were the most successful out of all of the characters. This made me very happy. These three, in my opinion, have hearts of gold, and in the long run everything worked out for them. What goes around comes around.

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