Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 2

1) Summary 2: Pgs. 53-104
Augusten is spending more and more time with the Finches. He however is still not used to how they live. The house is very dirty and messy. Dr. Finch’s wife, Anges, is the only person who makes an attempt at cleaning the house, but usually doesn’t make a dent in the filth. Although the house may be disgusting to many, the Finch’s enjoy living this way. It is honest and homy. Another aspect of the Finch’s life that Augusten has to come accustom to is Dr. Finch’s extra lovers besides his wife Anges. Anges knows about the doctor’s affairs and dislikes all of them, but at the same time accepts it. She finds comfort in knowing that she is Dr. Finch’s fist choice because he is married to her.
Now Augusten is introduced to another member of the household. She is a patient of Dr. Finch. She is very old, and has never left her bedroom since she moved in. She is however expected to move in a few months.
A very important fact from this section of the book, is that Augusten has admitted to Hope that he is homosexual. Hope is not surprised at all, which surprises Augusten. Hope explains that she had expected it long ago, and not to worry. Her adopted brother, Neil Bookman, is also gay, and Hope gives him a call to talk to Augusten and to answer any questions he may have. He is expected to visit the house soon. Hope also introduces “Bible Dipping” to Augusten. It is a way to ask questions to God, and get a quick reply by pointing at a word in the Bible. Hope does this more than anyone in the Finch house.
Another important scenario presented in this section of the book, is that Augusten’s mother is also found to be homosexual. Augusten finds this out by visiting his mother to ask for money. He had walked into the house to find his mother and Fern Stewart, a minister’s wife, performing sexual acts in his family room. Fern feels guilty and immediately leaves crying, while his mother acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Because of this happenstance, Augusten feels encouraged to spend more time at the Finch’s house, away from his self-absorbed mother and her lesbian affairs.

2) 10 Connotative "Loaded" Words
a) pg. 02: cigarettes- elegance.
b) pg. 06: pacing- nervousness.
c) pg. 10: albums- cleanliness.
d) pg. 14: station wagon- middle class.
e) pg. 18: blank expression- unemotional nature.
d) pg. 22: Sanka (beverage)- hospitality.
f) pg. 26: doctor- wealth.
g) pg. 30: school- trouble, agony.
h) pg. 34: cigarette- getting rid of aggression, calm.
i) pg. 42: older- trustworthy.

3) Journal Post: Reaction of This Week's Reading
I think that Augusten is going to learn to love the Finch's. He has never been around anyone like the Finch children, so his first opinion is negative. Augusten is still very uptight, but this new family is sure to change his morals and views on life in general.

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