Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 3, Post B

Referring to pace 119.
In this particular section August really gets in Jacob's face. Jacob's whole career was going to be based on working for the well being of animals. Prevent them from getting sick, and treat them back to good health if they do become ill. However, here, August stops Jacob from even giving some animals water. He explains that until Uncle Al (the ringmaster) can get paid by the mayor, and guarantee the stay, he can't let Jacob care for the animals. Hardly ever standing up for anything, Jacob becomes angry and calls the philosophy bullshit. August is known to go from a charming man to a complete asshole and control freak, and when Jacob talks back to him he becomes alarmingly enraged. Jacob goes back to his quiet self while August yells at him, but it is noticeable that his attitude has slightly changed. This is yet another example of Jacob's growth and development in the real world.

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