Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 2, Post A

Pages 46 - 91.
shanghaied (p. 49): To induce or compel (someone) to do something, especially by fraud or force: We were shanghaied into buying worthless securities.
scuttle (p. 51): a short, hurried run.

(Quote on page 53) "I lean over, retrieve his hat, and brush the dirt off. Then I hold it out to him.
After a moment, he takes it. "All right then," he says gruffly. "I guess that's all right."
when Jacob hands the hat back to Camel after Camel had thrown it down in anger, it is a symbol that Jacob has a deeper respect for Camel, maybe for his experience in the circus.

(Quote on page 52) "Camel scrambles suddenly to his feet. 'Ho! There he is. There's that S-O-B now.'
'Uncle Al! Come on! We gotta get you on the show.'"
This is an example of foreshadowing. It indicates that they will put Jacob into the circus, but I predict there will be many complications.

(Quote on page 55) "'Some of these guys. Right off the fucking boat.'"
This can be viewed as a metaphor. Coming off the boat meaning that they are foreign and have come right into the job directly from there country without taking the time to learn the American heritage.

He is dreaming. "... I feel a pang of excitement, then remorse, and then nausea."
The significance of this quote is that he had just come into the sinful adult world and he still is adapting. He had just encountered a stripper the night before, which did excite him, but he is remembering his old life that he recently left behind. He dreams about his mother doing laundry and hanging the clothes up to dry outside. He then cries. This quote shows the beginning of a transition.

The theme for this section is: Entering Into Adulthood. I believe this is the theme because the reader can begin to see the transition from his controlled life to a new spontaneous one. He's a small man in the big city now.

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