Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Week 1, Post B

Page 19: "This morning, I had my parents. This morning, they ate breakfast.
I fall to my knees, right there on the back stoop, howling into splayed hands."

Jacob's life up until the point of his parents death had been going smoothly and according to plan. He was in veterinary school, and doing very well. He had been studying very hard for his final exams in his final years of college, which would grant him his degree to become a certified veterinarian at the top of his class in one of the best schools around. He had two loving parents and a great community back home. And in college, he had a girlfriend who he was on and off with. That may not sound like something he would want, but he wasn't exactly into the relationship part of the experience of having a girlfriend. He fantasized about seeing a woman's naked body and especially about sex. He had not gone very far with this girl, but to him the future seemed promising. All aspects of his life were looking up, right up until the fatal car crash that took his parents. This quote expresses what he is feeling right after the accident. He is experiencing a disaster that could potentially change his life for the worse forever. He is confused and doesn't know what to make of the situation. He is experiencing some denial and somewhat blaming himself. If only he could have come into contact with his parents that morning,things could have been different.

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