Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 4, Post B

(Letter written From Jacob to August)

Dear Diar--... I mean August,

Ok I'm sorry but you have some personality issues you have to take care of. I mean what the hell one minute you're the most charming man in the world with Marlena, making her home meals, calling her pet names, taking all of us out for dinner, etc. Then the next minute you're cutting horses throats, beating a dumb elephant until she's trembling with fear, and threatening to fire all of us while screaming potentially offensive obscenities.

Are you mad at the world? Dead end job getting to you? If Al wasn't such an arrogant jerk and ran things like a decent manager, you would be long gone my friend. You can't keep abusing your power. You are digging yourself into a hole that can't be escaped by saying, "I'm sorry," whenever you come out of your prolonged crazy episodes. You will eventually lose everything, which is probably all Marlena. She is a person of great understanding, but at the same time down-to-earth and realistic. If she comes to her senses in time she will leave you. Get it together boss.

I'm wise enough to not give this letter you... Or perhaps I'm just a spineless jellyfish who can't stand up to his boss, but either way I predict you will come to understand what I've mentioned in the near future. I hope it clicks before you lose everything, or go completely crazy. With the crazy side of you I've seen, we'll probably be putting you in a cage along with the Freaks.

Best wishes,

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